StimuGro Lead Trichologist & Founder - Dodji Ousmane

"Trichologist Dodji Ousmane brings her entrepreneurial dream to fruition"
- Illuminessence Magazine

Dodji Ousmane, Trichologist and Owner of StimuGro and StimuGro Clinic is a strong, determined and confident, young fem-leader whose journey to success is what immigrant dreams are made of!

Dodji immigrated to Canada at 18yrs old and in less than 10 years is now a successful entrepreneur and President of the Chadian Women’s Association. What started as a far-fetched dream for Ousmane little over 2 years ago has been realized a lot sooner than anticipated, even for the very hard-working young mother.

Seeking a solution to hair loss led Ousmane to become a certified trichologist, herbalist and Holistic Nutritionist. She started working at a salon in Oakville and eventually opened her own clinic in Hamilton, summer 2015. Located on Hamilton Mountain, StimuGro specializes in hair loss, hair thinning or any scalp condition. The team consists of doctors, trichologists, nutritionists, nurses and hair replacement specialists. The clinic provides free consultation, prescription for supplement, diet and product to use and follow up every 6 weeks. Treatment takes approximately 3-4 months.

Dodji states that hair loss is linked to stress, low iron, thyroid, vitamin B12 deficiency, so treatment usually focuses on addressing these deficiencies.

Dodji works directly with clients to diagnose, treat or manage hair and scalp disorders. As a holistic nutritionist, she focuses mostly on natural ingredients, as a remedy to treat hair loss, hair thinning and scalp conditions.

With clients from St. Catherines, GTA, Niagara, Dodji helps clients get their confidence back, educate them on how to take care of their hair and scalp properly.

Dodji uses a trichoscope to provide an in depth examination of the scalp, so that the client can be diagnosed accurately. Laser treatment for hair growth is also available as an option, which gives results within 6weeks. The clinic also provides skin care services by a licensed esthetician.

Services are affordable and include skin analysis for all skin types, facial treatment, skin aging and pigmentation treatment, waxing and make up using paraben- free products.

Dodji hopes to grow her business into a franchise and expand into Montreal and Saudi Arabia.


Tips for hair care, hair growth and hair loss

1. Wash hair every day or every other day (if it’s too oily) or every 3 days for Africans/African
2. Use products that are free of sulphates
3. Use herbal oil treatment to enhance hair growth

Inspiration for Success

Ousmane’s children and wanting to give back to the community are what inspires her every day, stating

“My kids are my everything.”

Dodji says she is inspired by her kids especially her older daughter, whom she refers to as “her biggest advocate always cheering me on.” Dodji relies on strict time management to balance her family, business and community involvement, and ultimately tries to do her best to fulfill her various commitments.

Community Leadership

Dodji is also the President of the Chadian Women’s Association. The association links women with service providers and educational institutions such as Mohawk College. It also provides youth programs, sewing program for women, entrepreneurial training for women and to gain training and development. In addition, the group donate clothing to Chad. Leadership comes naturally for Dodji. She tries to guide the women in life and help them choose careers and gets lots of positive feedback. She loves volunteering and has a passion for helping others.


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